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Marriage and Family Therapist
Happy Man
Holding Hands


How long have you wanted things to be different?  To be better than they are right now?  No matter what you do or how you attack it, you just feel stuck.  When will surviving turn into hopeful thriving?


I am here to help.  My expertise is in understanding patterns and habits of human behavior that hold people back from fully living what means most to them.  These patterns may hold us back for so long that we become numb to the joys of life, and are instead filled with anxiety, anger, and apathy.  Our unresolved hurt, grief, and resentments weigh us down and we end up hurting the people we love most.  Whether you have been a victim of terrible mistreatment or are caught in a web of self defeating behaviors, there is hope.

Join with me on this journey towards growth and learning to really live again.  To be free from the fatiguing shame, guilt, anxiety, and sadness that shows up all too often.  We all need healing.  Sometimes our wounds and brokenness are the very cracks in the armor that allow the light to come in. 

I hear from people who come to my office, "I wish I came in sooner."  I hope you will choose today as the day you make it happen.  You'll be surprised where your journey will take you!

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