Frequently Asked Questions

What problems do you work with?

Individual, Couple, and Family problems.

How does payment work?

See Payment page.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes long.

Do I even need therapy?

How long has the problem persisted? How many attempts have you made to change it? What would your life be like if the problem was solved? If someone is asking the question, "Do I need therapy?", there is something inside telling them, "You've put it off long enough".

How long does therapy take?  About how many sessions?

It depends on the problem and how engaged that client is on fulfilling commitments. Some problems only take 3-4 sessions. Other issues may require therapy over the span of several months. For example, if a couple has spent a few decades creating the problems, how long can you expect them to solve and heal from them? Some situations take committed, consistent efforts in the right direction (although clients usually see improvement in the first few sessions). The most important decision is to get started.

What is the success rate?  Does therapy even help?

At the beginning of therapy, we decide on specific goals and how to measure progress. A common question might be: "If you could come away from therapy saying, 'This was worth it, I'm glad I did it', what would be different in your life?" You decide what success looks like. Most clients say that therapy was very helpful. How do I know? Either they tell me, and/or they refer their friends and family.

Do you prescribe medication?

No, I do not. Marriage and Family Therapists are unable to prescribe medications. Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practioners are the most common professionals that prescribe medication for psychological needs (some family doctors may prescribe on a limited basis, but they may not have specific training in that area). First, check with your insurance to obtain a list of referals. You may also search for psychiatrists on Psychology Today. If you do not have insurance or financial means of paying, check with Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services

Do you take insurance?

Yes, Aetna and Teacher's Health Trust

How do I fill out paperwork?

SELF-PAY ONLY: Schedule for a session. I will then email you a secure link to fill out the paperwork online. INSURANCE ONLY: Contact me directly and specify which insurance you will be using (Aetna or Teacher's Health Trust). I will then send you the paperwork with accompanying instructions directly to your email.